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We want to welcome you to our linking „bridge“ between Latin America and Europe. Our services are based on the fundamental pillars of trust and fair trade and we are eager to start exchange and communication with you. The Team of APIMEXA Business Enterprise is always at your side, ready to provide you with all necessary information and to reach your business goals hand in hand. For that reason we wish you „all the best“.

About us

APIMEXA is a German company engaged in Import, Export, Sales, Distribution and Representation of international companies, especially from Latin America. We support all those who want to position their products/services in the European market or increase their sales.


Our Services

Through our extensive experience in the markets of the European Community and our physical presence in the economic centre of Europe, Germany, we assure you the best success rates for your business.


Why invest in Apimexa Business Enterprise

Producers must concentrate on their core competency, the production. As a result, there is often a lack of necessary resources to deal with tasks that go beyond the company’s own business model. For this reason, APIMEXA offers all necessary services for the internationalization of your projects and, of course, services with the highest European standards.